Citus Kalix: La nouvelle CRLA10

A new quality lipstick machine from Citus Kalix

The new CRLA 10Citus Kalix has a long history of developing high-quality, innovative lipstick filling machines – and with the new CRLA10 lipstick filling machine things are no different: the same quality, fast changeovers and easy operation you’ve come to expect from Citus Kalix is now available in a smaller, more compact machine.

What makes the CRLA10 different is the design, which incorporates the most important features of larger machines and integrates them inside the machine, such as the kettle and the cooling system, while still giving customers the ability to create lipsticks with all the consumers features they're come to enjoy, such as logos for differentiation, a glossy brilliance, as well as different shapes.


Replacing manual production in metal moulds - or a neat line for high-value products

The CRLA10 gives customers the flexibility to test or have short runs of very high-value products,” says the portfolio manager of Citus Kalix. “So it’s perfect for larger companies looking to try out new or specialized lines, as well as customers who are currently using manual lipstick moulding solutions".
“This machine offers the same possibilities as larger, more complex models and is the perfect solution between high speed machines and manual solutions",
says the Citus Kalix representative. "This is the first time Citus Kalix has designed a machine that directly speaks to customers who want to enter automatic lipstick filling machines on a budget without losing functionality, capacity, or quality. That it’s perfect for larger customers who want to use it as a laboratory or run specialized lines highlights its flexibility.”


Service and support via the Global Network of technicians

When it comes to troubleshooting and support it’s comforting to know that the Coesia global network will support you. This means a technician is always available to assist you with any problems, no matter where you are in the world. Service mindedness and the expertise to address any problems in the field has been the foundation of Citus Kalix’s strong and long standing relationships with customers both big and small around the world.

Reference: Marlène Assimon / / +33 (0)1 69 87 46 46

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