Cosmetic filling solutions

Cosmetic filling solutions for health and beauty industry

Specialized in manufacturing high-quality machines for the pharma and beauty industry. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our ongoing pursuit of quality, ​flexibility, and service for our customers since 1928.

The Citus Kalix cosmetic filling machine range has been developed to meet the needs of the cosmetics market with simple maintenance and reliable format changeover.

Engineering and development

At Citus Kalix, we take pride in our extensive engineering experience and the development of our range of cosmetic filling solutions. Our commitment to excellence has been reflected in our ongoing pursuit of quality, flexibility, and service for our customers since 1928.​

Our cosmetic filling machines are designed specifically for jar and small make-up bottle applications. With options for both semi-automatic and automatic solutions, our fillers cater to a variety of cosmetic applications, including bottle and mascara among many others, with production speeds ranging from 25 to 50 p/per minute.

Main Features

  • Tool-free changeover of the filling unit: Simplifies maintenance and reduces downtime.​
  • Simple design, robust materials: Ensures durability and long-term performance.​
  • Flexible: Adaptable to various product types and production needs.​
  • Reduce changeover time: Enhances efficiency and productivity.​


We are committed to maintaining a diverse selection of equipment to meet your filling needs, in order to ensuring that we are able to solve all your project challenges

Cosmetics filling
Cosmetics filling

Machinery & Product

Citus Kalix's cosmetic filling technology combines flexibility, efficiency and durability to meet the needs of cosmetics market.​

Jar and mascara fillers: KM503  KJ503​

This filling machine is suitable for small bottles such as mascara, eyeliner, gloss, liquid lipstick, eye shadow, and skin corrector. Thanks to a very simple design, the KM503 requires minimal maintenance​.

This filling machine is suitable for creamy products in jars and bottles. Like the KM503, the KJ503 requires minimal maintenance​.

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