Lipstick moulding solutions

Citus Kalix invented the silicone technology for lipstick molding, a technical choice that has become the benchmark for quality and customisation for major luxury brands.

Lipstick molding process

Lipstick molding machine

Citus Kalix has a long history of developing high quality and innovative lipstick moulding machines. With over 160 machines worldwide, we are recognised as experts in the manufacture of lipsticks. High quality, fast changeover and ease of use are the hallmarks of Citus Kalix machines.

Recognized as a reliable partner in the industry, we offer technical support and expertise to meet your specific needs. As the preferred partner of many prestigious companies, including some of the world's leading luxury brands, we have demonstrated our expertise in the design of lipsticks.​

Our carefully designed lipsticks combine quality, innovation and refined aesthetics. Our mold engineers are constantly improving the technology to achieve the best results for your products, in line with your expectations

Lipstick molding process

Lipstick molding process

Our silicone mold production, located in our factory in France, ensures perfect quality and traceability of molds delivered to our customers all over the world. We are able to offer different molds, depending mainly on the chemical composition of your bulk, the desired finish and the shape of the lipstick.

Silicone mold technology guarantees :

  • Flawless lipstick production
  • Unmolding without friction
  • Shape, motifs and logo embossing
  • Superfast changeovers
  • Unrivalled customization possibilities

Over the past 20 years, we've delivered millions of molds worldwide, with perfection as our first objective.

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