Full line of filling and cartoning machine

Our history

CK Lady

Citus Kalix

Our story started in France with semi-automatic filling machines for toothpaste.
Over the years our range has developed to include machines for tube filling, cartoning, jar and bottle filling and mascara filling. 


1928:     KALIX-DUPUY created to develop semi-automatic filling machines 
              for the toothpaste market

1950:     First cosmetic customers

1955:     First mascara and jar fillers

1970:     Citus company created to develop metal moulds for lipstick

1977:     First cartoners developed for perfume and cosmetic industries

1982:     First 100-stroke filling machine

1989:     Kalix Dupuy becomes Kalix

1994:     First cartoning machine with perfect Zero scratch design

1995:     First filling machine with completely tool-free disassembly

1996:     Exclusive CITUS silicone mold system patented

2004:     New facility in Suzhou China 

2005:     First high speed cartoner KP2000
2008:     CITUS & KALIX integrated into Italian industrial group COESIA

2009:     Launch of new CRLA60 lipstick filler with air-cooling system (60 
              parts per min)

2010:     Launch of new tube filler line KX 603-803-903-1103 (60 to 110 
              parts per min)

2011:     Company merger under CITUS KALIX name, Headquarter moved to 

2015:     300 machines already produced from China

2017:     First fully automatic vertical cartoner KV800 (80 parts per min)

2018:     New compact lipstick machine CRLA10L platform (Up to 10 parts
              per min)