Cartoning Solutions

Cartoning solutions for health and beauty industry

Since the first cartoning machine in 1977, Citus Kalix provides efficient solutions for health and beauty industry

With more than 700 cartoning machines running worldwide,
​Citus Kalix meets the needs of industry for quality, flexibility and services.

Engineering & Development

Our horizontal and vertical cartoners are designed to meet the highest standards of reliability and performance. Whether manual or automatic loading cartoners, our range offers a variety of speed options, from 60 to 180 cartons per minute. ​

With 20% of people dedicated to innovation and new product development, we are able to provide solutions for a variety of cartons (small, large, 5th panel cartons, internal divider, sample cards...), offering great flexibility in terms of size, shape and material. 


Cartoning Citus Kalix
Cartoning Citus Kalix

EVO Generation

In 2019, Citus Kalix launched the new horizontal cartoner KP600 EVO following in the next years by the KP800 EVO.

With EVO generation, changing format has never been easier! 

Main Features

  • ​Reduced changeover time in less than 10 minutes
  • Size parts dismantling without tool
  • Assisted changeover via HMI
  • Motorized counters for simplified adjustments ​

Machinery & Product​

Our horizontal and vertical cartoners are able to carefully handle and fill even the most delicate carton.

Horizontal cartoners: They offer versatility in packaging various products such as : tubes, lipstick, mascara, compact powder, plastic or glass bottles, fragrance bottles, samples... ​

Vertical cartoner: Maintains vertically the product during the whole process (from the picking up to the closure) and is particularly suitable for: jars and bottles.​

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