Nouvelle Kalix Verticale 800


By always pushing the boundaries of excellence forward for customers, Citus Kalix´ R&D has developed many great innovations that are recognized today as the industry global standard.



KP600 EVO is the next generation cartoner for prefolded cartons with reverse or airplane flaps:

Fast changeover

  • Under 10 minutes to start a new production
  • Format set up data registered in recipe
  • Assisted changeover via HMI

Easy to operate

  • Automatic counters
  • Size parts dismantling without tools
  • New HMI

Outstanding flexibility

  • Easy configuration of all tuck-in carton; straight or reverse
  • Manual or automatic distribution for majority of health and cosmetic packaging: tubes, bottles, lipstick, mascara, compact powder…

The careful product handling makes KP600 EVO ideal to handle and protect even the most delicate cartons for health and beauty products.
If you need a cartoner for special cartons such as 5th panel, diamond shaped, internal divider, KP600 EVO will meet and exceed your expectations.

The New CRLA10

Citus Kalix is recognised as the gold reference for surface effects, including shining, embossing and brillance.
We invented the silicone technology for lipstick molding. Since the patent in 1996, it has become the preferred choice for major luxury brands, many of which are 100% equipped by us.

Citus Kalix has a long history of developing high-quality, innovative lipstick molding machines – and with the new CRLA10 lipstick molding machine things are no different: the same quality, fast changeovers and easy operation you’ve come to expect from Citus Kalix is now available in a smaller, more compact machine.

What makes the CRLA10 different is the design, which incorporates the most important features of larger machines and integrates them inside the machine, such as the kettle and the cooling system, while still giving customers the ability to create lipsticks with all the consumers features they're come to enjoy, such as logos for differentiation, a glossy brilliance, as well as different shapes.

CRLA10 lipstick molding machine soft mold
KV800 Vertical Cartoner from Citus Kalix

Up and Running for your next project

Citus Kalix launching the vertical cartoner KV800 for round jars, bottles or more sophisticated designs. After first presentation at Interpack Düsseldorf 2017, Citus Kalix can say that the new KV800 vertical cartoner is officially launched!
“KV800 has been designed to pack delicate products of almost any shape, with perfect care of the carton”, says the Marketing Director of Citus Kalix.
“Our existing and new potential customers were very excited to see, during Interpack 2017, all known Citus Kalix attributes on this machine: robust set-up, top end quality of equipment, simplicity of design for extremely fast changeovers”, he adds.


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