Nouvelle Kalix Verticale 800


By always pushing the boundaries of excellence forward for customers, Citus Kalix´ R&D has developed many great innovations that are recognized today as the industry global standard.

KX1600 - Flexibility at its best in tube filling

The new KX1600 is the perfect combination of historical Kalix know how and new technology at a speed of 160 tubes per minute!

What make this tube filler unique? 

•    A changeover fully automatic in less than 15 minutes

•    A servo driven filling process always accurate regardless of the bulk

•    An exceptional autonomy up to 10 boxes with its Vertical Storage Module

And of course, the KX1600 keeps the most appreciated features of Kalix tube filler such as light weight pump or precise closing head.

The KX1600 from Citus Kalix is the most flexible tube filler able to alternate without losing time long run of production to smaller batch at 160 tubes per minute!

KX1600 visual


KP600 EVO is the next generation cartoner for prefolded cartons with reverse or airplane flaps:

Fast changeover

  • Under 10 minutes to start a new production
  • Format set up data registered in recipe
  • Assisted changeover via HMI

Easy to operate

  • Automatic counters
  • Size parts dismantling without tools
  • New HMI

Outstanding flexibility

  • Easy configuration of all tuck-in carton; straight or reverse
  • Manual or automatic distribution for majority of health and cosmetic packaging: tubes, bottles, lipstick, mascara, compact powder…

The careful product handling makes KP600 EVO ideal to handle and protect even the most delicate cartons for health and beauty products.
If you need a cartoner for special cartons such as 5th panel, diamond shaped, internal divider, KP600 EVO will meet and exceed your expectations.


KX1103 EVO is the next generation tube filler for plastic, metal and new sustainable material at 110 tubes per minute.

With EVO, changing format has never been easier!

Size part dismantling doesn’t require any tool and full changeover can be done in less than 10 minutes.

The main automatic settings are made by servomotor and automatic counter, directly driven by a new HMI OptiMate

Speed and flexibility for a maximum production performance!