Customization in lipstick

The silicone mold technology for unlimited customizations

In 1996, Citus Kalix invented the silicone mold technology for lipstick. This technology allows demolding without friction and makes customization not only possible, but also flawless.

In addition to the machinery division, Citus Kalix has an in-house soft mold engineering and production facility. Our dedicated department continues to improve this technology by proposing a maximum of customization choices without requiring any machine modification. 

CRLA10 lipstick molding machine soft mold

The New CRLA10

Citus Kalix is recognised as the gold reference for surface effects, including shining, embossing and brillance.
We invented the silicone technology for lipstick molding. Since the patent in 1996, it has become the preferred choice for major luxury brands, many of which are 100% equipped by us.

Citus Kalix has a long history of developing high-quality, innovative lipstick molding machines – and with the new CRLA10 lipstick molding machine things are no different: the same quality, fast changeovers and easy operation you’ve come to expect from Citus Kalix is now available in a smaller, more compact machine.

What makes the CRLA10 different is the design, which incorporates the most important features of larger machines and integrates them inside the machine, such as the kettle and the cooling system, while still giving customers the ability to create lipsticks with all the consumers features they're come to enjoy, such as logos for differentiation, a glossy brilliance, as well as different shapes.