Tube filling solutions

Tube filling solutions for health and beauty industry

Citus Kalix has been committed to innovation since its creation in 1928. The company has continuously expanded to provide solutions ​for all types of products and tubes for health and beauty applications.

The Citus Kalix machine range has been produced since 1928. Over 10,000 machines are running worldwide, some are more than 25 years old.​

Engineering & Development

At Citus Kalix, we take pride in our extensive engineering experience and development of tube filling solutions for health and beauty applications. With a variety of speed options ranging from 40 to 160 per minute, our range answer to diverse production needs.​

​We are committed to maintaining a diverse selection of equipment to meet your filling needs, in order to solve your production challenges​: creamy, gel, pasty, exfoliating, foaming, stringy, sticky... 

Discover our latest development: the KX1103 EVO tube filler.

With EVO Generation, changing format has never been easier! Size parts dismantling doesn't require any tool and full changeover can be done in less than 10 minutes! 

Tube filling solutions
Tube filling solutions

Machinery & Product

Our tube filling machines, are engineered to handle and seal all types of tubes available on the market, including: plastic, metal, laminate, paperboard. With a variety of sealing options, whether standard or customized, our machines provide versatility and efficiency for diverse packaging needs.

​Our Essential Range: KX603 and KX803 are functional and efficient, designed for straightforward operations and reliable performance. Easy to use, their user-friendly interface ensures smooth handling.​

Our AGILITY Range: KX903, KX1103 EVO, and KX1600 are fast and flexible for maximum performance. Their quick changeovers require minimal adjustments to minimize downtime.​

The new KX Robot Feeder ensuring 100% automated tube loading is compatible with the actual KX903 and KX1103 EVO and KX fillers from previous generation (KX800, KX801, KX1100, KX1101, KX1102, KX1103).

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