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Enhancing your fragrance production processes


The large-scale production chain optimization fundamentally relies on the efficiency, speed, and accuracy of cartoning machines, which play a crucial role in today's packaging industry. 

Citus Kalix designs cartoning machines to elevate and automate the packaging process, minimizing manual labor and maximizing output. We are dedicated to helping our customers achieve their goals and drive business growth.  

Explore how we faced the challenge in the cosmetic industry by providing a fully automatic cartoner for perfume application.  

From context to success 

Our customer, a world-renowned French luxury cosmetics company, wanted to install a perfume production line in a new factory. 

The main objective of our customer was a new, highly flexible cartoning line, with shorter full changeovers of less than 15 min, lower TCO (total cost of ownership), care about operations activities and improved efficiency. 

A co-creating excellence 

Citus Kalix met this challenge by revisiting its standard solution and proposing a co-development approach. The new cartoning machine was engineered by a cross-functional team, leading to holistic precise solutions, and quicker decision-making. 

Through this close collaboration, Citus Kalix devised solutions to enhance performance, increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and simplify operations. 

Our customer-centric innovation 

Citus Kalix develops the KP1200 Fragrance, a fully automatic cartoner solution equipped with innovative servodrive and automatic counters, with a large operating window, ensuring high reliability and flexibility. 

Internal view

High Efficiency:  

The KP1200 Fragrance has enabled a significant increase in perfume packaging speed with a variable speed of up to 60 cartons per minute.

Designed to handle multiple formats with fast and reliable changeovers, the cartoner ensures fully automatic settings to limit downtime between 2 productions.  

This advancement not only streamlines operations but also significantly minimizes downtime, allowing for a fast changeover of less than 11 minutes. 

By automating setups, companies can significantly reduce the risk of human errors, accelerate production processes, and enhance operational efficiency.  

KP - 1200


The KP1200 Fragrance cartoner integrates 6 axis robots that enhance production, ensuring precision in bottle distribution. Each placement is meticulously calculated, guaranteeing a very precise positioning of the bottles.  

The 6-axis robots meet the highest standards of excellence, working precisely, consistently, and synchronously, resulting in seamless bottle distribution.  

KP - 1200 Liner Closure


The KP1200 Fragrance handles complex liners automatically while ensuring meticulous care for delicate boxes and bottles.  

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in each detail of our machine development, improving overall quality, streamlining operations, and enhancing customer satisfaction with consistently high-quality packaging solutions. 

Following the success of this first machine, our customer tasked us with the project of two more similar machines, operating on the same site by the end of 2024. 

Liner management

Transforming Industries  

By combining innovation, collaboration and expertise, we were able to deliver a machine perfectly adapted to the specific needs of our customer. 

The digitalization of all functions centralized at the HMI machine level makes the KP1200 Fragrance the 1st fully automatic cartoner to meet the high requirements of the cosmetics market.  

Following the success experienced, Citus Kalix wants to integrate this technology into their future machines. 

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