2020 has profoundly affected the cosmetics industry with a majority of consumers living almost exclusively indoors or hiding their face behind a mask. The way in which beauty rituals are envisaged has therefore profoundly evolved. Some trends have emerged while others have accelerated, for instance, Covid-19 has led to a sharp drop in sales of lip makeup products because of face masks, while eye makeup sales have soared. 

The pandemic has indeed created a multitude of challenges for the industry. With the closure of many stores around the world due to the many lockdowns, new trends have emerged: such as skincare routines, YouTube makeup tutorials, and homemade beauty care. 

Another trend that has not decelerated is that of eco-friendly cosmetic packaging.  The demand from skin care manufacturers for this type of solution continued to increase during the health crisis, according to a report published by Euromonitor.  The report highlights an increase in consumers’ demand for reusable packaging in both the skincare and fragrances segments.

Environmental impact and CSR issues remain one of the main topics of interest for the cosmetics industry in the coming years since the pressure exerted by authorities on plastics manufacturers is likely to increase.

However, since 2021, some of the major players in the FMCG industry have identified new solutions and are getting ready to hit sustainability targets through different strategies. As a matter of fact, some companies are in the process of switching to carboard tubes while others are moving towards recycled HDPE (high density polyethylene) tubes, which are certified as recyclable and can be managed in existing plastic waste streams.    

Plastics manufacturers, on their side, will have to find a way between two trends. The first, to reduce single-use plastic packaging, is largely supported by increasingly restrictive regulatory frameworks, as in Europe. Their survival may therefore depend on their ability to surf the second trend, which is the conscious adoption of recycled and recyclable plastic materials for packaging  to comply with the CSR objectives that their clients have publicly set. In either case, innovation is essential.

At Citus Kalix, we believe the personal care industry has a responsibility to define a new paradigm of sustainable beauty. Our mission is to provide our customers with the most innovative packaging solutions able to tackle the sustainability challenge, with no compromise on quality - as our industry standards require. 


Thanks the efforts of our R&D team, we have been capable to adapt our machines now able to handle more sustainable materials while ensuring the same output excellence. To fast-track this revolution, we have opened our premises for customers to test new eco-friendly tubes, (such as paper-based, mono-material…), easier to recycle. On the front of secondary packaging, Citus Kalix is always investing in cutting-edge cartoning technologies in order to offer new premium carton packaging, with a reduced carbon footprint and yet a premium image on shelf. 

To us, sustainable beauty is also about delivering solutions able to stand the test of time. We are committed to improve our equipment lifetime to minimize waste, while upgrading our installed base to increase machine efficiency and quality.

Contact us to discover how Citus Kalix can support you in the journey towards a greener future.


Reference: Melanie Desjeunes / / +33169874646