Premium carton needs white glove approach

Premium products: why a white-glove approach is crucial

Exclusive packaging for perfume
Exclusive brands are using cartons and a liner to protect the bottle. Add to this a cellophane wrap to ensure the original and intact packaging.

The global premium cosmetics market, which includes skin care, make-up, hair care products and fragrance, is expected to experience 7.5% annual growth in sales through 2025. With this rise in premium consumption, exclusive brands need to present a high-quality product – and it starts with a scratch-free, unmarked carton. 

  • For exclusive global brands that are known for high-end luxury, a scratch-free carton is a must to ensure that their reputation for producing the most exclusive products remains intact.
  • The process of keeping the cartons scratch-free starts when the unassembled cartons arrive in flat batches at the production plant. 
  • The only time the cartons are touched by human hands is the transfer between unloading boxes and loading into the machine carton magazine
  • Other factors also come into play when it comes to avoiding scrapes, dents, and scratches, such as design and material.

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