KP600 EVO: l'encartonneuse à succès au meilleure de sa forme

Bestselling cartoner KP 600 EVO in even better shape

Portfolio manager

Citus Kalix is introducing the KP 600 EVO – taking cartoning to the next level

The company is well known in the cosmetics industry for high quality machines, and the KP600 cartoner has enjoyed tremendous success since it was first introduced nearly a decade ago. But as the demands of the industry change Citus Kalix is upgrading its bestseller in order to take the customer user experience to the next level. 

The hub of beauty brands
France is home to some of the world’s biggest and most revered cosmetic brands and it’s also enjoys a reputation for top quality engineering. Put these two things together and you’ve got the right recipe for the best cosmetic production machinery around.  But while some might say you shouldn’t mess with success Citus Kalix knows it’s important to stay on top of a quickly changing industry. Enter the KP600 EVO, the upgraded cartoner that is perfect for those who want a compact, automatic, and easy-to-use machine.

Why the upgrade?
 “Operators are not always as tech-savvy as they need to be to handle the increasingly digitized and complex machines on the market today,” explains Citus Kalix’s Portfolio Manager. “The KP600 EVO alleviates these problems by simplifying and automating the processes, ensuring production remains almost constant and not a lot of training is needed.”
    Changeovers are tool-free and fast, and no tools means saved time and increased production rates. When you stop production of one product and switch to another it now takes less than ten minutes.

Adding automatic settings
There are now seven automatic settings controlled by the HMI (Human Machine Interface), which allow the user to easily change from one configuration to another. The KP600 EVO can run any configuration you require and the HMI will respond. In other words, Citus Kalix has kept the precision of the KP600 while removing the drawbacks of manual settings.  

Perfect for the changing cosmetics industry
“What makes this machine so interesting for cosmetics companies is that it’s not designed for any one particular product,” explains Citus Kalix’s Portfolio Manager. “It can handle anything from lipstick and foundation to powder compacts and mascara. You can put the product inside the machine both manually and automatically, increasing the level of flexibility. It’s all about your needs and what works best for that particular product.”
    The KP 600 EVO was introduced in March 2019 and the first machine will roll off the assembly line in July.

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