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Here's why we released the Citus Kalix HMI-upgrade


Upgrading the HMI for better user friendliness & simplicity

The current HMI has been around for quite some time but for much of that time it’s been very technical, focusing on function rather than operator usage. The new upgrade means the HMI is now very operator oriented and much more friendly to use.
When upgrading the HMI –the Human Machine Interface– Citus Kalix had to think about all the information contained within it and consider all the data and functions in terms of when you need to use it. Do you need to launch production? Do you need for analysis? Do you need to create new formats and setups?

The new and improved HMI addresses the myriad needs of the Citus Kalix customer in a clean, streamlined, and attractive interface.
When designing the new HMI Citus Kalix kept in mind that the dashboard contains all of the operator’s production cycles, so the real beauty is in the new way this information is organized and accessed – it’s clearer, more streamlined and easy to use. The simplicity and clarity of the interface means nearly anyone can learn to operate it. The new light gray, white, and blue design is also much more customer friendly from an aesthetic point of view.

Language options

Citus Kalix during machine exhibition
The best-selling cartoner from Citus Kalix KP 600 has a new interface.

Screen size depends on the complexity and size of the machine, so will be anywhere from 7 to 12 inches. The new HMI can be ordered in nearly any language – with French and English as standard – there will be a lot more icons, making the dashboard more universal and the different functionalities and information generated more easily understood.  Citus Kalix doesn’t just talk to its customers, it listens to them.  And then it works across all areas of the company to meet changing needs.  The new HMI is just one example of how the leading French company is always working to improve its machines in all areas – and will continue to do so. 

In order to add the new HMI Citus Kalix will improve automation on all machines, so the HMI will be implemented on a machine-by-machine basis, with the updated KP600 EVO being the first to have it.  

Reference: Marlène Assimon / / +33 (0)1 69 87 46 46

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