A new synergic approach to elevate Customer Service in the US

February 19/02/2024 – Citus Kalix teams up with sister companies in the US to go a step forward in Customer Service.

At Citus Kalix, we are proud to make machines that are built to last. Our large installed base worldwide counts many solutions over 30 years and still running. Superior quality and service are the keys to this long lifespan, and we are ready to raise the bar, again.

Part of the Consumer Markets Solutions division of Coesia, Citus Kalix is kicking off a new synergic way of delivering Customer Service together with sister companies, bringing our French expertise closer to customers in the United States.Image

This new collaborative and divisional approach will foster a higher level of cross-fertilization between Coesia experts, engineers and technicians, all teaming up to enhance our customer’s experience with a higher level of service.
Key to this new approach, in fact, are the many advantages for those owning and running Citus Kalix equipment in the area. Our US customers will be able to rely on an expanded expertise and get advantage of improved proximity.

A dedicated team will be a direct interface to access modernization plans, field service and spare parts management. From order entry to delivery, the team will be at your disposal to gather requests and fulfill your needs, with shorter response times and full availability.

On top of this, spare parts inventory is set to be localized in the US. Whether it’s a crucial component or a minor replacement, customers can count on us to reduce delivery times, ensuring minimal downtime and maximizing operational continuity.

Great Customer Service is part of our DNA at Citus Kalix, and so is our commitment to always find new ways to improve it.

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