​In 2022, purposeful beauty merges with sustainability to create a new ecosystem that is built on uncompromising standards and principles. Consumers are moving beyond clean, toward a quest for uncompromising wellness - where pleasure and personal beauty are achieved without harming people or the planet. They expect nothing less than net-zero. Growing climate anxiety is driving consumers to take positive action - more than half (51%) now take into account that product origin is traceable and transparent. Accustomed to marketing rhetoric and greenwashing, consumers will push brands to adopt proactive climate-friendly strategies.

With stores closing, masks being worn and a lack of makeup opportunities, the beauty care industry was really put to test in 2020. In the wake of the pandemic, the market had to mold itself to drastic changes and new developments in consumers habits: health and safety have become central issues, leading to a visible increase in demand for new formulations, more focused on a dermatology-like treatment.

a new era

Today, the consumer is no longer looking for a mainstream product. Being sustainable is necessary, but this is no longer enough because almost all brands are surfing on this trend, which is no longer differentiating. GenZ consumers represent an increasingly important part of the beauty care market, they define themselves as "beauty enthusiasts" and show great interest in engaging with brands that truly display values such as diversity and individuality. And that's not all: the demand for personalization is increasing, as these contemporary individuals are looking for something that is not mass-produced. Brands are therefore required to offer new personalized solutions covering everything from customized formulas to packaging with special inscriptions.

As a brand, creativity consists in knowing how to identify and seize this need to create a new value proposition, offer more diversity, and communicate more openness. In a world where DNA, meaning and responsibility are paramount, brands must position themselves as committed actors, contributing to a positive impact in societal and environmental terms. To do so, supporting a cause that corresponds to their vision of the world is not only a good practice, but also a real lever for differentiation.

Citus Kalix responds to these trends with symmetrical innovations. We are the market leader for lipstick filling, cartoning and molding solutions in the beauty industry, and with our new EVO line, we offer the most flexible tube filling and cartoning solutions.

The main settings of the EVO machines are automatic with step-by-step assisted changeover procedures to limit downtime between productions and maintain high production efficiency. Our latest EVO tube filler, the KX1600, also features a very fast and easy to dismantle valve block, which allows for quick cleaning and replacement between recipes change.

At the same time, Citus Kalix is investing in the development of new machines capable of processing more sustainable materials. To accelerate this revolution, we have opened our facilities to our customers to test new environmentally friendly tubes made from mono-materials, paper or otherwise. We're also developing cutting-edge cartoning technologies to offer new premium carton packs, with a reduced carbon footprint but a premium image on the shelf. This is a historic moment for the beauty industry, full of changes and challenges that will unlock new possibilities and opportunities. We're here because we want to seize this moment with you and take advantage of the beauty renaissance that's coming.

Reference: Melanie Desjeunes / / +33169874646