Citus Kalix launch a new fully automatic and flexible tube filler at 160 ppm

Citus Kalix launch a new fully automatic and flexible tube filler at 160 ppm

Founded in 1928, headquarter in Paris, Citus Kalix provides filling and cartoning solutions for high-end cosmetics applications. We offer first class machines and services for the health and beauty industry which requires quality, flexibility and support.

KX1600 – Flexibility at its best in Tube Filling

KX1600 and MSV

KX1600 & MSV

The KX1600 tube filler is our twin head machine able to alternate without losing time long run of production to smaller batch at 160 tubes per minute.

KX1600 is easy to operate, maintaining the ability to fill and close all types of tubes available on the market, including those made with new sustainable materials.

What makes the KX1600 unique? 

Changeover fully automatic
All the main functions are servodriven and all the settings are saved in recipe. It means less than 15 minutes are necessary to realize a full changeover and restart in production.

Servo driven filling process
Filling process is always accurate regardless of the bulk. KX1600 is able to keep an high eficiency without loosing output whatever the product to be filled.

User-friendly Machine
All the size parts of the KX1600 can be fully dismantled without tools and it is equipped with our new ergonomic HMI OptiMate developed by Coesia.

An exceptional autonomy 
Its dedicated Vertical Storage Module provides an autonomy up to 10 boxes! The easy and ergonomic loading of this module is the perfect match to the KX1600.

And of course, this new tube filler keeps the most appreciated features of Kalix tube filler: the ergonomic valve bloc with light weight pump and precise closing head for tube in plastic, metal or new sustainable material.

The KX1600 is the perfect combination of historical Kalix know how and new technology at a speed of 160 tubes per minute!

Do you want to know more about our new KX1600? Get in contact with us!

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