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Welcome to Cosmoprof Asia with Citus KalixCitus Kalix at Cosmoprof Hong Kong 2018

Cosmoprof Asia 2018, the leading B2B beauty event for the Asia-Pacific region, will showcase trends and advanced technologies influencing customer experience in the future. Specific initiatives will involve attendees in the manufacturing process and selling of beauty products, both in Cosmopack Asia, which will host companies of the supply chain.

Venue: Asia World-Expo- AWE Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau

Date: 13th- 15th November 2018

Booth location: 10-M10 ( Citus Kalix Booth) and 8-A26 ( Skintonic Project)


Don't miss! The Skintonic Factory

SKINTONIC is a real installation specially designed by International design agency Centdegrés to provide visitors with a unique experience from the production to the selling of the SKINTONIC product in retail stores.
This initiative involves both fair venues in a journey which includes the manufacturing steps of a luxury cosmetic product, to design solutions and technologies.
Citus Kalix play an essential role, providing filling and cartoning machines in the factory to demonstrate the whole process.

More info and special promotions here: Kalix Skintonic Factory Cosmoprof Hong Kong 2018

Welcome! The exhibition is open from 09:30 AM until 6:30 PM

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