Vertical cartoning machine for Fragrance and Skin care applications (80 ppm)

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Cartoning & Box Filling
  • INDUSTRY: Personal Care
  • SEGMENT: Fragrances, Skin & Sun Care


Citus Kalix is a French company specialized in manufacturing high-quality machines for the pharma and beauty industry.
Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our ongoing pursuit of quality, flexibility, and service for our customers since 1928.
The KV800 vertical cartoning machine can handle a wide range of shapes specific to the cosmetics market: from perfectly round jars or bottles to more sophisticated designs.The cartoner handles even the most fragile cartons without leaving any scratches or traces and meets the quality requirements of the perfumery and cosmetics industry.With a speed of 60 cartons per minute, the KV800 cartoner ensures efficient, flexible production, fast changeovers  and easy installation of format parts.

Detailed Info

Machine depth (mm)1807
Machine height (mm)1800
Machine length (mm)4855
Machine weight (kg)3000
Other technical features
Insertion modeManipulator
Operating modeIntermittent
Size changeover15 min
More Information
Other infoDesigned to run the most delicate cartons from the fragrance and Skin care market. For bottle and jar even with the most sophisticated design. Liner module, booklet and spatulas distribution in option.
Packaging range
Max pack height (mm)200
Min pack height (mm)40
Max pack length (mm)120
Min pack length (mm)25
Max pack width (mm)120
Min pack width (mm)25
Packaging features
Packaging closingTuck
Packaging materialPaperboard
Packaging orientationVertical
Packaging TypePrefolded carton
Packaging typeCarton box
Regulatory requirements
Safety Regulations2006/42/EC, 2014/30/UE, 2014/35/UE
Value proposition
Value propositionFlexibility
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