Citus Kalix: Searching for Perfectionism in a lipstick

Searching for perfectionism in a lipstick

Did you know that nearly one billion lipsticks are sold annually? The lipstick business is booming. At the same time, consumers are demanding more individualization in their products, which place new demands on machine manufacturers. Flexibility and a fast response to new trends will be the key to your future success in the market. 

Just four years ago one of the world’s leading cosmetic makers offered 60 different lipsticks. Fast-forward to 2019 and that same manufacturer has over 400 lipsticks to choose from, which tells you just how much the industry is changing – and how quickly. 
“It’s the consumer who is pushing industry innovations today,” explains Citus Kalix’s CEO. “Customers want to be unique and they are demanding customized products. Digitization and e-commerce are the big drivers of these changes, along with social media influencers. New lipsticks are now being launched every few months – what is in vogue today might be left on the shelf tomorrow. And even more importantly, different markets are presenting different demands. This is changing how cosmetics companies operate.”
    The problem for many manufacturers is that lipsticks are more complicated to produce than most other cosmetics, so responding to changes in the market quickly can be a challenge and the risks can be greater. In order to meet fast-paced demand, manufacturers need to speed up their own processes. 
    A machine manufacturer in cosmetics need to help the customers keep on top of the rapid changes digitization and the desire for customization have brought – and keeping their end customers loyal and happy. 

Producing flaw-free lipsticks that do not have bubbles or markings is critical to a customer’s success. Soft molds, as well as soft demolding process, is designed to avoid any scratches, while the full range of preheating devices, and the possibility to use a range of them simultaneously, allows Citux Kalix machines to avoid bubbles by preheating the molds prior to filling.  
    “The servo-driven filling devices are the best compliment to the perfect preheating of the molds, which results in a bubble-free lipstick,” says the Molds & Lipstick Process Technician at Citus Kalix.  “Pre-heating has a direct impact on both the quality of the product and the durability of the molds, so it’s a key step. At the same time, cooling is important because it gives the right lipstick texture, and also addresses very soft textures. The full range of cooling devices allows Citus Kalix machines to produce the widest range of lipstick textures possible.”

Interesting and unusual shapes are an increasingly important component in the market – and Citus Kalix machines are designed to produce a variety of specially shaped lipsticks, from square and oval to triangular and even teardrop. 
    “While our equipment is designed to produce flaw-free lipsticks in a myriad of shapes, equally important is that they allow for quick changeovers, which is critical when you need a faster time to market,” says Area Sales Manager, Citus Kalix. “Changeover is roughly 10-20 minutes, depending on the type of machine, which is significantly faster than our competitors – and that gives our customers the edge they’re looking for.”

Having that edge means saving time and money.  But being faster isn’t the only factor in play. Quality and uniformity are also important.
    “The issues our customers face is due to major shifts in the market and they often think that they need equipment that can do all the technology in one machine,” explains Citus Kalix CEO. “Unfortunately, those machines aren’t always as reliable. 
    “Look at it like this: if you had a machine at home that steamed your rice, cooked your soup, and brewed your coffee, you wouldn’t get as good a cup of coffee as you would from a machine designed solely for brewing coffee.  With a dedicated machine you have a much higher and more uniform level of quality.”
    “By offering machines that are fast, flexible, and in tune with the changing market, Citux Kalix is helping companies gain the agility they need to keep on top of the rapid changes digitization has brought – and helping them keep their end customers happy.”

To learn more about how Citus Kalix quality machines can help you address the needs of the fast-changing lipstick market please contact your sales representative or send an email to

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