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Successful COSMOPROF for Citus Kalix, Bologna March 15-19


Thank you for devoting the time to visit us during Cosmoprof /Cosmopack. Citus Kalix is the preferred choice for make-up brands and contract manufacturers. In Bologna we presented the three technologies; lipstick molding, tube filling and cartooning machines. 
  • CRLA20 Lipstick moulding
  • KX603 tube filling machine
  • KP600 cartoning machine 
Did you know that Citus Kalix goal is to make your life easy?
The machines are designed for easy format changeovers already from the start. Anyone should be able to operate a Citus Kalix machine after a short intro training.  

See you next year. Until then, stay in touch with your sales- and customer service representatives.
ZA du Bois de l'Epine
6 avenue du Bois de l'Epine
91080 Courcouronnes
tel. +33 (0)1 69 87 46 46