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Retrofitting older machines.
CITUS KALIX have a 25-30 year lifespan but a retrofit can improve older machine performance.
Our technicians can advise on any work required and suggest upgraded replacement machine parts.

Retrofitting consists of:
  • Removal of worn parts
  • Machine cleaning
  • New parts installation
  • Machine calibration (synchronisation).

Technical upgrade
Even after many years of service CITUS KALIX machines can be upgraded with the latest filling and closing systems. The new shut-off injection valve for fluid products can be adapted and mounted on previous models for greater filling precision and increased production speed.

Peripheral machinery adaptation
Peripheral machine analysis and adaptation; automatic feeder type change.  
Machine upgrading

Upgrading of existing machines to current mechanical and electrical safety standards.  

Existing line reconditioning/refurbishing
CITUS KALIX is able to modify existing machines to handle new products, including the addition of specific equipment such as nitrogen filling systems, labelling, leaflet or card insertion, etc.

Option range

Machine cycle electronic control equipment for faster and more accurate settings, reducing format change time and for easier changeover.

Hot air head to replace heated and/or metal clamp sealer.    
Automatic equipment and display to replace obsolete equipment.
 Plastic tube sealing weld using blown hot air technology. KALIX hot air heads provide far higher weld quality for both sealing strength and finished product appearance. 

Before retrofit    After retrofit

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