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CITUS KALIX has been manufacturing machines since 1928 and has installed more than 10,000 machines all over the world.
A worthy addition to the Kalix line, the KX1103 is a cost-effective answer to production needs.  

Format part compatibility between Série 3 range machines upgraded from previous generation range.
Sturdy and reliable: 100% mechanical drive system and very straightforward electrical wiring for fast and simple maintenance.

The KX1103 servo-motor controls tube rise for filling and hot air action plus weld sealing and tube trimming.

Dosing precision: The shut-off valve filling nozzle provides high-precision dosing, (+/- 0.5%) for a very wide range of liquid to high viscosity products.
The best sealing/folding system available.  Closing (sealing/folding) heads are easily interchanged and adapted to all materials (plastic, laminate, aluminium); remarkable quality finished tube appearance at speeds of up to 110 tubes per minute.
Clear, precise, user-friendly instruction manual issued with the machine. Manual instructions are included in the touch screen program.

The KX1103 also provides optional system for oval tubes, sealing weld and rounded corner trim
Optional electronic tube rise system is also available.

Production rate: up to 110 tubes/min
  • Filling volume: (ml) 1 - 400
  • Tube height: (mm) 50 - 230
  • Tube diameter: (mm) 13.5 - 50
  • Dimensions: (L x w x h mm) 1860 x 1445 x 2060
  • Power: (kW) metal head : 4
  • Power (kW) Hot air: 7.5
  • Rotating table : 14 stations
  • Weight (Kg) 2200

This data is provided as a guideline and can be modified at any time without prior warning.